Meet the Board

Diana Lytal

ARC President

Originally born in Buffalo, NY and grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, Diana made her way to California in 1985. She has lived in several towns in the greater Sacramento area but found her way to Arbuckle in 2009. Diana has 20+ years of management experience and is now a Realtor here in town, President of ARC and Secretary of Karen’s House (Colusa County’s 1st domestic violence organization) Diana additionally runs another small business as well. She has 4 children and 3 step children with 12 grandchildren! Always having lived in small towns, Diana loves the feel of a small community and knowing everyone you see. She is a committed community advocate and is completely dedicated to revitalizing Arbuckle!

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Elijah Rodriguez

ARC Vice President

Elijah has lived in Arbuckle for 19 years, pretty much his entire lifetime. He is originally from Yuba City, but moved here at the age of 4. Elijah is the General Manager of the Togo’s/Baskin-Robbins located in Williams. He loves Arbuckle because although it is a small town, our hearts are huge and we always come together to lend a helping hand when it’s needed. His hobbies include working around the house and yard, being artistic, and being involved with the community.

Lacey Gimple

ARC Secretary

Lacey has been a part of the Arbuckle community for almost 3 years after relocating from Vacaville. She finds her days filled with her careers that include Facilities, Environmental, Health, and Safety. Her favorite thing about Arbuckle is the small-town community among everyone. Lacey is a huge advocate for living an active lifestyle, spending time with friends and family, and overall living your life to the fullest.

Mary Ann Boles

ARC Treasurer

Mary Ann has lived in Arbuckle for about 66 years. She has worked in Banking for over 44 years! Mary Ann has enjoyed working in the local bank and giving good service to all of her daily customers.  While focusing on her work, she doesn’t have much spare time for hobbies outside of her role in the ARC. Mary Ann used to enjoy things such as making homemade jams and jellies, canned fruit, make dill pickles, and bake cookies and candies.

Rod Bradford

ARC Facilities Coordinator

Rod has some of the deepest roots to Arbuckle, having family from generations ago that helped to put in the very first water system in town. Like many in our county, Rod grew up in an ag family and continued that into his career. He has been volunteering his time with the ARC for over 10 years and helping at countless events in the meantime. Rod’s hobbies include photography and his Honda Africa twin motorcycle that he often uses to find inspiration for his photos.

Loraine Joy

ARC Graffiti Committee

Loraine was born and raised in Northern California and found herself in Arbuckle over 26 years ago! She was called to our hometown to teach at both Pierce High School and Johnson Jr. High. Loraine loves Arbuckle for it’s small-town closeness and says “everybody is there to encourage, help, befriend you. We have the best events!!” When she’s not working or volunteering her time with the ARC, Loraine can be found gardening, reading, playing the piano, or cooking.

Tony Lytal

ARC Flag Committee

Tony was born in Colusa and lived in Arbuckle most of his life with the exception of a work assignment in Hawaii from 2012-2018. Tony has worked for Clark Dietrich Building Systems since 2008. He has an incredible ability as a mechanic and nothing he cannot fix. He also served as a volunteer firefighter for 10 years in Colusa County and is now a member of Arbuckle Revitalization committee. Tony has 3 children and 5 stepchildren and a total of 12 grandchildren! He enjoys living in Arbuckle and the small town atmosphere as well as being in an agricultural community. To quote Tony, “It’s Home”.

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